We’re fighting, spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph 6:12) The fight is heating up, and there is no getting out of it. What’s unfolding before US now, is the great and final battle between good and evil.

The Devil’s intent is to leave you confused, desperate and begging for a solution. The noise, daily stream of lies and misdirection is exhausting, but People are waking up - that we ARE NOW, in, the end times. BE NOT DECEIVED.  You need to know The Signs of what’s coming, from the Bible, from the Apocrypha, and in modern visions.

Please don’t under estimate the scriptures.  God has shown the ACTUAL battle plan of the enemy, mapped out with precision. The Four Horsemen, The Rise of the Beast, Wars and Famine, the destruction of Babylon, followed by the AntiChrist who will RISE from its ashes…  I will convey some bible prophecies that you’ve never heard before. And I will clarify prophecies that you know, but never made sense before.

Some people say, that NO one can know what will happen.  That prophecies can only be understood through the rear-view mirror… False. That’s NOT why God gave them to us. Prophecies Foretell. It’s not a history book.  God warns “Despise NOT prophesyings. Prove ALL things; and hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:20)

Even the book of Revelation itself says in Ch1 v3  <“BLESSED are they who read, and understand this prophecy.”  THAT’S what we’re here for. The scriptures provide a framework of evidence to PROVE exactly what’s going on, even BEFORE it happens. Prophecies are given to us as signs, as a warning to prepare, to help us find peace amid turmoil – Knowing that all prophecies must be fulfilled, and that God is Just.

We’re not talkin about Blood Moons, or the Mayan calendar, or Ancient Rome, or Jewish festivals, or Nostradamus or Numerology….  We will rely on the Voice of God, AND the voice of the Deep State, AND we’ll connect the dots in the real world. 

But you SHOULD ask… Is any of this speculation?  Yea. Some of it.  I am NOT afraid of being wrong. I am afraid of being silent.  So Here Goes….

The Deep State

The American Deep State is the entrenched, unelected, and unaccountable Washington DC elite, that hides its crimes behind National Security. When discovered, its crimes are denied, and covered up by the media. Later, when admitted, it is excused away as incompetence. The tentacles of the deep state reach worldwide. They punish the innocent, reward the guilty, and fool us into blaming each other. They start the wars and keep them going.  They decide who’s in government, and they DELETE whomever they choose.

The deep state is described in Isaiah 47:7-15 “For thou hast trusted in thy wickedness: thou hast said, None seeth me.”  In the Book of Revelation chapters 17 and 18, the Deep State is identified as Mystery Babylon or as the Whore of Babylon.  This is the vile, yet beguiling power, which corrupts governments and the kings, which oppresses, robs and kills the people. The Whore of Babylon is described as a City, decked with gold, and arrayed in purple, the color of royalty, drunken with power, and with the blood of the innocent.

Jesus said, whether good or evil, by their WORKS ye shall know them.  So, what then, does the Whore of Babylon DO in the Bible, so that we can recognize her works in the real world.  HERE, The First Mystery is Answered.  The Whore of Babylon is the power behind the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Four Horsemen

In Revelation Chapter 6 John describes The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Everybody understands this as the mysterious tipping point of Last Days Events, when things start to get bad, and NEVER again return to normal.  Identify this single entry point, and the whole sequence of events become clear. The vision announces the arrival of four horses, of different color, and their riders, each bringing some very bad stuff.  It all ceases to be a mystery, when you figure out its the Deep State, bloodthirsty, exercising its hatred of humanity, and it’s happening, today. 

The 1st Horseman was unleashed in 2020, as Open Tyranny of the Deep State. The CROWNING example is the Corona Virus and The Plandemic. Open Tyranny, drunken with power, and looting the world. They are at war with the people, full spectrum dominance, through corrupt governments, agencies and institutions, through education, employers, wall street, election fraud, through a corrupt legal system, selective enforcement, entrapment, political persecution, cancel culture, censorship, social oppression, backed up by media lies, and finally open borders, which means NO borders, which MEANS no nations.

Today the 2nd Horseman is emerging. Peace is being taken from the earth, People are killing each other, and the Deep State is pulling the strings. Wars will spread, and fear will spread, but this is NOT going to erupt into WW3.  Instead, the next step is a Big Sword will be given to the Deep State. Another BIG EVENT is coming, as the 2nd Horseman releases its fury INSIDE America. No Joke.

Next, Famine. That’s the 3rd Horseman. The Deep State HAS been undercutting the food supply, but soon they will go full throttle. Resources will disappear overnight, and the supply chain will be permanently redirected.  This will bring hyperinflation or starvation for us, while the Deep State bathes in abundance and opulence.  According to scripture, for YOU a loaf of bread will cost a day’s wage. But for the Elites, the wine and oil will be protected. Do you believe it?  You will be wise to prepare.

And finally, the 4th Horseman – It declares Death, then straight to Hell, for the Fourth Part. That is the rulers of Darkness on this earth, spiritual wickedness in high places. Judgment is swift, and destruction, of the Deep State, and wherever its tentacles reach.  Death by plague, beginning in Washington DC, in ONE day, as described in Rev 18. The Devil is driving the Deep State off a cliff, to its own destruction, along with the whole United States if it were possible, to pave the way for the Antichrist.

(note: there is no 5th horsemen, deep state is dead and gone, now fully replaced by the NW0.)

By their works ye shall know them. By the fruit of their LABOR ye shall know them. The devil rules in Hell. But on this side of Hell, the Deep State imposes the evil agenda.  All who GO ALONG with it, for a paycheck, feigning ignorance, to enforce evil, or defend it, or allow it…  if he does not repent and come unto Christ, he will share in the destruction of the Whore of Babylon.  God’s judgements are just.

You must learn and understand ALL of God’s prophecies. You must NOT be caught unaware, and be NOT deceived, by what must surely come about on the earth.

Second Horseman

But right now, we need to look at our IMMEDIATE situation.  Its December of 2023, and the 2nd Horseman has been emerging.  It means WAR. Border conflicts, that will spread. And the Deep State is gleefully sending money and arms anywhere, to prop up the killing.  It’s horrible, but it’s NOT WW3. It’s NOT Global Nuclear Annihilation. No nuclear exchange with Russia or China. Satan needs division, fear, desperation, and to crush the soul of nations from within. Please know this.

Fear, Be Not Troubled

In Matthew 24, speaking of the fearful end times in which we live, Jesus said “Be Not Troubled.”   Why? Because Fear and Faith cannot coexist.

But there’s trouble everywhere. The wars are real… People ARE killing each other…  There’s gotta be someone to blame. Who’s the bad guy? Is it Putin? Ukraine? Is it Israel? The Terrorists? China? Iran?  Is it us?  Are WE the new Hitler?  Brain shuts down, mind control programming takes over… “don’t ask questions, we’re sleepwalking our way into WW3, no one is causing it, and no one can stop it.”  

Fear is poison.  But the mental poison goes even deeper. As a conservative, if you hate the Ukraine war, but support the Israel war, that makes you a hypocrite. It dulls your sense of conscience, and judgment, and sets you up to fall for the NEXT deception.

The devil wants YOU in a state of paralysis, afraid to act, at least until late 2024 when the whole game will change, and your window to prepare will diminish.  In one day, the LATENT threat of WW3 will appear at your front door. The FEAR will be in-your-face, and you’ll trade anything for Peace.  But since it’s a deal with the Devil, you MAY give up your freedom, but you will STILL GET War, and lots of it.   

End is Not Yet

The Savior clarifies ALL of this, in just TWO sentences. You will be wise to believe.

Matthew 24 v6&7 And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 

You heard it. “Be not troubled, the end is not yet.”  He is saying - Don’t Worry it’s NOT Nuclear Annihilation. Yeah its bad, and it gets worse fast, and you better prepare.  The KJV says “kingdom vs kingdom” but in the original Greek the word is “Ethnos vs Ethnos”. That means these will be regional wars, border wars, race wars, holy wars, OR riots within countries, that grow into civil wars.

Oh, I’ve heard the skeptics, that doesn’t mean anything “wars have been going on, forever.”  TRUE, It’s not just war by itself, THESE are the wars that follow The First Horseman... So YOU can know for sure, It HAS truly started. The clock is ticking. You must prepare.

The wars spoken of by Jesus are before us NOW. This IS the 2nd Horseman. Jesus goes ON to say what’s next... FAMINES - That’s the 3rd Horseman.  PESTILENCES - That’s the 4th Horseman.  Then EARTHQUAKES, That’s the 6th Seal, which according to the book of Revelation is the next calamity after the 4th Horseman.

Whats a False Flag

But for now, let’s remain focused on the 2nd Horseman. It appears to have two stages, close together.

1st, when he arrives, he is not in battle, but wars break out, and peace is taken from the earth…

2nd, then something changes, and the horseman takes up this Big Sword, so this sounds like an escalation

There is some kind of change that happens, and it’s probably not good.  It’s equally Interesting to note that Christ also describes this in TWO levels:  

First, there’s Wars…

and Second, its Rumors of Wars

Its not much to go on.  But, RUMOR?  That’s a False Accusation…  An act of war, with false BLAME attached?  Is Jesus Christ himself warning us of False Flag Attacks in our day?  Along the lines of 9/11?   Folks, it’s not hard to connect the dots. There’s a Big One coming, soon after the 2nd Horseman shows up - and he’s ALREADY here.

Deep State False Flags

The False Flag thing goes like this: Attack yourself, blame someone else, then start killing. Thats the Deep State. Oh, they love this game. They get to wrap it in Patriotism, and push a lotta Patriots into the kill zone.  Which at this point, killing Patriots is The Deep State #1 Goal.  So they’re quite excited about this, and they’re gonna put on a really big show.

It goes like this, We’re under attack. And You’re a Straight Christian Patriot Conservative. Yeah we’ve Hated your Guts for a long time. But today, your country needs you. Now step into this meat grinder.  Buckle up everybody.

These operations are planned far in advance, with elaborate cover stories, distractions, etc.  So how do you know if an attack is a False Flag?  Well, here’s the six-point checklist…  If you know WHEN an attack is coming, you know WHERE it will be, who’s getting the blame, what the government response will be, if they ANNOUNCE it, and DON’T try to stop it, and then when it ALL happens, well pretty sure it’s a False Flag.  

Cheney NukeDC, 2024, COG

The Deep State is actually quite proud of their work, and sometimes, they can’t help but let it slip out.  So let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth… see what’s coming, and see if it MIGHT be a false flag.  This is Vice President Dick Cheney, who was the Shadow Government puppet master After 911.  He ran all the wars while President Bush took an 8 year vacation.  This was done under a policy called Continuity of Government or COG. It’s a parallel government structure, ready to take over if the US is disabled under a catastrophic attack. It seems Dick Cheney was the top dog in COG from 911 until Bush left office in 2009.

Just a few years later, In a radio interview on June 24, 2014, Dick Cheney calmly let out all the secrets.  He said within 10 years (that’s 2024) a nuke attack would occur in DC, smuggled in by a terrorist, Not Russia. Not China. And this would trigger a COG takeover… for a second time, just like on 911. We can only guess what will happen. My guess is to restart war in the middle east. Here’s the clip...

So, let’s do the False Flag Test on this nuclear attack described by Dick Cheney.  When: 2024  Where: DC   Who: Terrorist   Reaction: COG  Anounced: on the Radio   Any intention to Stop It: Unlikely.   Sounds like a false flag is coming.

Pastor Brewer, NY Attacks

So if this is REALLY true, would not God warn his people about these things?  Yep

In 1989, a young man named Troy Brewer received such a vision, in a split second while driving his truck. He later became a pastor.  In this vision an angel of death appeared to him and showed him THREE separate future attacks on Lower Manhattan. Here’s a clip.

In 1989 as a young man, he saw the 1993 World Trade Center basement bombing.  And he saw 911. What’s coming next is a nuke at ground level, and ALL the buildings will fall.  He said government knew about it in advance, but just let it happen.

Obamas Shadow Government

If such an attack came, it’s clear that COG would take over again.  BUT, was it ever deactivated?  

I think not.  in 2009, Dick Cheney was on his way out, as Obama took over.  After winning his Nobel Peace Prize, the first thing Obama did was escalate the wars in the Middle East. Do you recall The Surge, when troop levels tripled, he initiated new clandestine operations to topple governments, and called it The Arab Spring, in every case they were taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. Then ISIS was started, the Benghazi incident proved that we were arming rebels in Syria. Ya think Dick Cheney handed Obama the keys to the Shadow Government?  I would say yes.

When Trump took office in 2017, many feel that Obama RETAINED control of the shadow government, and used those resources to run interference against Trump. The Shadow government raided and prosecuted Trump advisors, such as Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Peter Navarro, George Papadopoulos, and others. They locked up 1,000 Jan 6 sightseers, half of which are still incarcerated.  They also bugged Trump Tower, drummed up fake scandals, fake impeachments, and finally the election fraud that was used to push Trump out of office, despite Trump having legitimately won the 2020 election.  

Even during the Biden administration, is Obama still in charge, running the Washington DC Shadow Government?  Blowing up pipelines in Ukraine, payoffs to Iran, abandoning weapons in Afghanistan, and running down the US economy?  If so, do you not imagine that Obama would prefer to remain in power, even after Biden is out? What if the election goes the wrong way. Could be game over.

So a False Flag takes care of ALL of these problems. Under the laws for Continuity of Government and the War Powers Act, if the US is under attack and Biden dies in office, an unfavorable election gets canceled, and the party in power remains in power (the Democrats).  The constitution would be suspended indefinitely, until the wars are ended or the election process is restored. Unlikely.  

Staging Everything

So for this whole charade to work, TWO sets of dominoes must be prepared to drop and intersect flawlessly.
1. A set of Dominoes for The Election – I’ll explain all of that in a few minutes.  and
2. A set of Dominoes for The False Flag and War with Iran – which I will cover right now.

Who Will Take Blame?

Casting blame is a big deal with False Flag operations. You would imagine that an air-tight plan must be formulated in advance.  But back in the days of 911, they thought no one was paying attention, so things did not need to make sense.  It was supposedly done by 19 Saudi hijackers?  Did we attack Saudi Arabia? Nope. Instead, we destroyed EVERY middle east nation, except Saudi Arabia.  Osama bin Laden denied having anything to do with it.  With 911 none of the physical evidence made sense, the crime scene, videos, interviews, so it didn’t take long for people to catch on, that the whole thing was a diabolical farce. 

But this time the Deep State needs a BETTER plan. They need One Clear Boogeyman, framed in advance, but not TOO far in advance. They need the public to jump to one conclusion, and remain fixated in a state of fear or anger. And they need all witnesses and evidence to vaporize.

Iran as a target has been on the Deep State radar for a long time. So Let’s hear it from the Horse’s mouth.  On 911 when Dick Cheney took over, Immediately, orders were given to destroy a LIST of countries that had NOTHING to do with the 911 cover story.  Iran was one of them. In the days after 911, former General Wesley Clark was probing at the Pentagon. This is what he learned.

He said, Finish off with Iran? Is this still yet to come? Did he mean Finish Off America, or Finish Off Iran?  Well maybe they gave up, or called it quits, and just forgot about it.

Nope. There’s more.  A decade later, in 2012, under Obama, War with Iran is still a plan, openly discussed. For example, Patrick Clawson, a DC insider, was quite deliberate about it. And this is what he had to say.  In essence, “How do we get to war with Iran? False Flag of course. And here’s how we can do it…”

Today, Obama is STILL in control, so framing Iran for a False Flag attack, is still a focus priority, to get war started.  But will you fall for it? Will anyone be fooled? 

Framing Iran

Even for the Deep State, this could be tricky.  Here is a list of six What Ifs that must be addressed in advance.

What if no one believes it.
What if they can’t get the war started.
What if the UN intervenes.
What if a President stops it, and peace breaks out.
Worst of all, what if Iran surrenders, or
What if we get a quick victory, before all the patriots are dead. 

No no no no no. This will not do.  The Deep State intends to eliminate ALL of these possibilities. You’ll see, the plans are specifically designed to make sure NONE of these things can happen.  And SOME of this is indicated in Scripture. I will explain, as we go.

Today, the propaganda is gradually warming up.  Biden paid Iran 6 billion... Oh extra cash for terrorism... Iran must have funded the attack in Israel... And terrorists are at the Rio Grande, wading across with help from Border Patrol...  Suspicion is certainly being planted in your brain, but it does not constitute a Threat of War from Iran.  So pretty soon gonna hafta get some Deep State Terror going. Actual blood and guts in the streets, inside the US.  But that STILL won’t do the job unless there are ALSO Jihadi uprisings within Iran.

The Bible describes how this is going to happen, from the Book of Daniel, in Chapter 8. The entire chapter is a tricky, parallel prophecy about Iran in the last days, but it also mirrors ancient times. This vision about Iran, anciently referred to as the Medo/Persian empire, shows a Ram with two long horns (or Kings), one is longer or more powerful than the other.  Iran has two leaders. That’s not very common. The shorter horn is the elected president. He took office very recently, just two years ago.  But Iran’s SUPREME LEADER is more powerful. He is the longer horn. He has been in office for 35 years. AND It’s a lifetime appointment, so there is only one way out of that job.

Now HERE is the prophetic twist.  Daniel Chapter 8 says that when this War begins, the Supreme Leader will have been IN office for LESS time than the Elected President, less than 2 years.  If you catch what this means, in order for THIS prophecy to be fulfilled, the Supreme Leader is gonna wind up dead, and be replaced, before the war begins…  Bingo.  Now you can see how the dominoes are set to fall. It goes like this…

Assassination & Uprising

Perhaps in the Spring of 2024, the world will experience another unanticipated, gut-wrenching event. Bad news about the Supreme Leader of Iran. After months of being demonized by the Deep State media, The Ayatollah Khamenei, an 84-year-old iconic religious leader in the Islamic world, will be brutally assassinated. I am guessing in public, at a religious event, in the open, broad daylight, on video, from multiple angles, The victorious CIA assassins will publicly be given special honors.  And do worldwide broadcast interviews with play-by-play video accounts of whole operation, especially the kill shot.

Biden will immediately jump in front of the news cameras with “I did that.”  The media will gush with praise, Biden is a military genius, snapping the head of the snake with surgical precision. We came, we saw, he died.   Then comes the blowback… riots, uprisings, and fear of war, criticism of Biden, and they will enthusiastically change their story to “Trump did it too. He Killed Soleimani.” As they play video of the Soleimani execution. This is not intended to heal wounds, but to rub Iran’s face deeper into the dirt, for a specific purpose.

Mass riots and violence will break out worldwide. In the US, the Antifa/BLM terror network will put on new costumes for another round of election year violence.  The Deep State will supply proper jihadi attire, makeup, paychecks, busses, bricks, explosives, kerosene, matches, food trucks and drones. The liberal media will PRAISE the peaceful protesters, as they destroy churches, loot, kill, and burn US cities for the news cameras.

Fox News and Ben Shapiro will say exactly what they want you to think, This new wave of Terrorism is clear Evidence of the Iranian terror network, suicide bombers, inside the US, probably with nukes in their backpacks, waiting for orders.  That’s quite a leap, but if it’s true you can bet the FBI will find em.  Unfortunately, the FBI is busy helping OUT the rioters.  Then it’s off to the next city.  So, there’s no time for investigations, and NO one will be arrested.  

Holy War unifies Islam against America

Coming up Next a New Supreme Leader will appear.  He too must be demonized.  What if he is a Peace Lover. We need a Holy War.  So not knowing a thing about him, the CIA and media will paint him as a bloodthirsty extremist. The Deep State does this all the time.  

In The News today, Iran installed a supreme leader, a known advocate of terror. Jihadis across the middle east are uniting. Some say this is the return of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. the Islamic AntiChrist who will arise to slaughter Christians and Jews.

So when this breaks, everybody will instantly have some homework to do. Straight to Google to figure out what is this 12th Imam thing, or Mahdi, or whatever it is. We’re talking about Islam’s primary messiah figure for the end times.  And the deeper you dig, the more this character sounds like the AntiChrist. First and foremost, he will be victorious in battle, killing the Infidel, the Great Satan, America.  He will lead the worldwide Islamic revolution, wipe out Israel, kill Jews, establish The Caliphate, which is a one world government, with Islam as the one world religion. It works on the radical jihadi “Convert or Die” principle.  You must deny Christ, or your head will be disconnected. Sounds more like the AntiChrist every minute.  

So if the controlled media, merely ACCUSES the Supreme Leader of THINKING he is the 12th Imam, is that enough to trigger any of these conditions?  Will Iran be victorious in battle?  Like some kinda miracle?

Yep. That, at least, could be arranged.

Someone pulling the strings in the US, WILL arrange mass death of US troops at the onset of battle in Iran.  I can hear the lash back, “Who could possibly know if that will happen?  Maybe GOD?  But as we know, He aint talking, and besides, nobody knows.”  My reply, “Yep, you’ve been listening to the Devil too much.”

So, Satan’s goal here is to break all nations against each other, except in the middle east, where he wants to unify Islam for War against America.  And the Deep State wants to help out.  That’s Obama’s legacy of war making strategies.  First, Arm the Enemy. Why do you think the US has left vast armaments behind in the Islamic nations. 

In Daniel 8 verse 3, the prophecy describes that just before the war begins, Iran will gain influence over the nations surrounding it on all sides.  Check your map, that might include Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey and Pakistan. All are Muslim, and ALL are militarily significant, in possession of vast arms from the US.  This prophecy makes it clear that the US will NOT be at war with Iran alone, but against a coalition of Islamic nations.

This is how the Dominoes are set, for the False Flag, and then, War in Iran.

Apocrypha, Hidden Scripture

Now we’re gonna change gears, to what’s going on in the US. But we’re not going to look through the lens of the news, or political debate.  Yuck. 

We will look at Prophecy, something you probably have never heard before. With it, God allows us to foresee some crazy stuff coming within the US political power structure. That probably sounds impossible.  So now, I must share with you the Mother Lode of all Biblical Last Days Prophecies. It proves the timing of upcoming events, and connects the dots with other end times prophecies.  It’s about the American Deep State, and how the US plays a central role in last days prophecies.  Written 2,500 years ago, this vision starts by precisely mapping out US Presidential Succession in the final 100 years, up to the appearance of the Antichrist. It pinpoints the Autumn of 2024 as a massive point of transition.

So, it’s time to dust off your scriptures. We will be working from the King James Version of the Apocrypha.  The name Apocrypha suggests Secret or Hidden.  Justifiably so, as this 300-page section of the Old Testament was ripped out of the Bible 150 years ago, by the Devil, to keep you from finding it.  We will concentrate on just two chapters. It’s a vision of the last days, called Ezra’s Eagle.

Ezras Eagle, the Missing Link

In the book of 2nd Esdras Chapters 11&12, the ancient prophet Ezra is informed by God to prepare himself, because in the morning he will be shown the last days.  The vision is of an Eagle. God explains that This Eagle represents the Beast with 10 horns, the 4th Babylon, the Legs and Feet of Iron, shown to Daniel. God explains that Ezra’s vision adds other information not seen by Daniel.  You should understand that John the Revelator also saw the same Beast. His vision supplies additional details, such as the Whore of Babylon, the purpose of the 10 Horns, the mystery of the seven heads or seven nations, the Destruction of Babylon, The mark of the Beast, etc.  With Ezras Eagle, all of these finally make sense.

Thus, Ezra’s Eagle, and Daniel’s visions, and the Book of Revelation, are THREE parts of the same story, which when put back together, will unveil in precise detail, exactly what is coming.  This is truly mind-blowing.

This image on the screen now, shows the main elements of Ezras vision.

It’s an eagle standing upright with Three Heads, wings outstretched.  There is a row of individual feathers protruding from the edge of its wings. These represent US Presidents in chronological order, starting on the right side, and continuing on the left side.

Oddly, the heads are silent, the Eagle Body does the talking, and controls the succession of presidents. The Eagle Body represents the Deep State.  The Three Heads are asleep, and represent Former US Statesmen. Powerful individuals. When these guys wake up, all hell breaks loose. Specially that guy in the middle. Though he Looks innocent enough.

Meanwhile if we overlay the history of presidential succession with this prophecy, we can figure out the timeline, as shown in this image.  The vision explains that the length of the feathers indicates vital information.  Starting on the right side, the second eagle feather is identified as twice as long as any of the others. This is FDR. The prophecy explains that after he rules, no other President will serve in office for more than half as long. God is talking about the Presidential Two Term limit, which was introduced in the 22nd Amendment, after FDR.  And SOMEHOW this is provided as a clue from the dust, about something, that is going on TODAY.

Short Feathers

I also need to explain about short feathers, highlighted in RED. A short feather as understood from the prophecy, is when a president TAKEN OUT prematurely, by the Deep State, before having fulfilled the terms to which he was elected, or installed.  On the right side, there is JFK and Nixon. Here we go.  Prophecy settles the burning questions. That the Deep State DID execute JFK. And that the Deep State RAN Watergate to push Nixon out of office.

The whole JFK thing is obvious. But Nixon was a monster, wasn’t he?  If so, how is it true, that Nixon’s re-election was nearly the biggest LANDSLIDE victory in US history. He won 49 states. That’s 97% of the Electoral College. Nixon was VASTLY popular, in part because he ENDED the Vietnam War.  But to the Deep State, that’s a big No-No.  So they INVENTED Watergate.

Trump Prophecy

Next up? Trump and Biden.  Both are also shown as sort feathers.

How is Trump a short feather?  Was Trump fraudulently forced out by the Deep State? God is setting the record straight again. The Deep State hates Trump. So they tried every trick to remove him, and all failed, until they defrauded the 2020 Election. If the prophecy is true, then Trump WAS actually elected to TWO terms (as prophesied by Kim Clement), but was pushed out by the Deep State, serving zero days of his 2nd term. Similar to Nixon, Trump vacated office voluntarily, under pressure. Ordinarily, under such circumstances, the VP would eagerly take office. But it’s clear, Pence was also in on the fraud.  The majority of voters are sickened by all of this, but its fulfillment of prophecy.  It is irrefutable evidence that the prophecy is true, so that we KNOW in ADVANCE what is coming, based on this prophecy.

Biden Prophecy

Now we get to unravel, prophetically what will happen with Joe Biden. Biden was not elected; he was installed by the Deep State.  If a different way, Gerald R Ford, who took over after Nixon, was also never elected. He was installed by the Deep State. But when it comes to Biden, the prophecy specifically states that his time in office will be shorter than Trump.  That’s less than 4 years. Time is running out.  Prophetically, Biden will be terminated sometime before his final day of a single term presidency. That’s before Jan 20, 2025.

When trying to figure out how the dominoes might fall, remember that as a short feather, Biden is terminated by the Deep State. Death from natural or accidental causes don’t apply. or if legitimately impeached, or removed under the 25th amendment, or if you lose an election. So don’t concern yourself with any of those in Biden’s case.  Guaranteed, this will be a Deep State operation, with a really great cover story, lone gunman, accident, or make his death look like an enemy attack. That’s a hint. 

And we have more information to go on, but first I must explain about Detached Feathers.

Detached Feathers

In this drawing you can see that the feathers on the right side are holding together pretty well, but on the left side, presidential succession completely falls apart. There are a bunch of feathers that are detached, and there’s a big gap that must be explained.

There are two detached feathers shown after Biden, and they are a huge clue. They are described as contending to take office After Biden.  Thats an election, that is already pared down to one candidate from each party.  But as this prophecy describes, NEITHER of these two feathers will become president. Immediately after Biden is eliminated, these two feathers get devoured.  The candidates are toast, and the election is cancelled. 

Then if you look farther off to the side, there are two more detached feathers. They are the AntiChrist and the False Prophet who will take over later, by stealth, after some very bad stuff happens. We will get to them later.  But for now, it’s plain from this prophecy, that elections are a thing of the past.  Transfer of power from this point forward will be accomplished by coup, or by murder, or by stealth.  

This is informing you, that The Republic, our representative form of government, is already gone, and aint coming back.

So lets drill down into exactly what will happen in the 2024 Election.

Election Democrat

According to the prophecy, Biden dies while in office, then the candidates are both eliminated together.  So prophetically speaking, its certain that Biden will NOT receive the nomination of his party.  Even if he wins the Primaries. It means that Biden will be eliminated during the election season, after the party conventions.  On the calendar that late August to early November 2024.  

As I see it, the Democrats don’t care who wins, as long puppets are in all the key positions, and the Deep State power structure retains control.  There will be no debates, and probably not much campaigning.  Election rigging will push big numbers for Biden, despite near zero turnout at the polls.  Seeing this, the other Democrat candidates will concede, and fall off the radar. But because of a scandal, or health, or sanity, or threat of impeachment, or whatever - at the convention in late August, Biden will be dropped by the DNC.  A heroic dark horse candidate will be summoned and installed by the DNC.  The liberal media will be thrilled to have anyone but Biden, so they will jump behind the new candidate, and begin the familiar hero worship campaign script.

Election Republican

So whats up for Trump? Trump will ignore all of the other candidates. Trump’s campaign is to play for the crowds, and campaign against the Deep State, to constantly reinforce that he WILL expose and dismantle their systems of corruption. Trump will NOT be assassinated. He will SEEM bulletproof.  Lawsuits and criminal prosecutions against Trump will proceed, but FAIL to stop him.

The more the Deep State hates him, and the media hates him, the more America loves him.  Voters can feel a Republican landslide is coming.  This is indisputable to anyone with a pulse, but the scores of deceased voters will staunchly side with Biden. The polls will confirm.  Fortunately, the energy is undeniable, and the crowds do not lie. But the Media will lie, hesitantly saying Trump’s name… with a well-rehearsed vomitous gag.  Ahhh, the smell of Victory.  But its ALL an act.

Seen as insanely popular, and indestructible, at precisely the last-minute Trump will be suddenly disqualified on what looks like a technicality, guilty of NO crime. The media, already aware of this, has been instructed to play along, that this time, the election is for real.  Its their role in the psyop. 

A Court Decision

Please remember that the Ezras Eagle prophecy is in part, about the 22nd Amendment.  This is the prophetic indication of how Trump will be disqualified.  In the Deep State court system, ALL 2020 Election Fraud cases, are thrown out. They are dismissed before they start, or if you have money they will run in circles until you are bankrupt, then they will be thrown out.  This is controlled by the Deep State.

But somewhere in the bowels of the judicial system, an Election Fraud case will quietly be filed, by an unknown Deep State Plaintiff, in front of a Deep State Judge. Mysteriously, this one will be allowed to proceed, completely off the public radar. 

At just the right moment, days before the Republican Convention in mid July 2024, as Trump is GUARANTEED the nomination… FANTASTIC NEWS, a victorious court verdict will emerge.  Election Fraud is Proven! Trump WAS elected in 2020!  And after reviewing all of the evidence, the Judge will further determine that Trump voluntarily abandoned his 2nd Term in office.  THUS According to the 22nd Amendment, having already been elected twice, Trump cannot be elected a third time.

The media will ROAR. The scandal will rock the globe. Trump is Out. Disqualified on term limits. But the Final Dagger will be handed to the RNC. 

Brutus Takes the Plunge

The RNC will sell Trump out, in a New York minute.  But first, they will hold a mock hearing for the world to see, live broadcast as if it’s the Trial of the Century.  The scene is Three RNC executioners, seated at a table, in a dark room, wearing black hoods.  There’ll be no swearing in, no opening statements, no interrogations. Only one person will speak, seated alone, under the lights.  Without being asked, Mike Pence will spontaneously recount, as an eyewitness in the Oval Office from the time in question, that Trump voluntarily abandoned the office of president. The gavel will go down, and Trump will be thrown out.

Will the RNC now do what they always do?  Install a confirmed scumbag loser, a Trump hater, hated by Trump lovers, an establishment gopher.  It will be a Dejavu nightmare.  Honestly they would reanimate John McCain if they could.  But Pence paid his dues. On Jan 6 Pence TOOK the 30 pieces of silver,  then a SECOND time drove the stake in Trumps heart.  He earned it.  So lets play out the Nomination scenario for Pence. 

The Hard Decision

After the show trial, the RNC will pretend to go deep underground, for days of back door dealing.  Finally, a grateful RNC will emerge with an unexpected surprise announcement. The Nomination will be awarded to Mike Pence.  Why?  In the name of justice of course, considering Trump stole the Vice Presidency from Pence, when Trump betrayed America, by vacating the oval office without a fight. Pence will accept the Republican Nomination, to recorded applause, from a secluded location.

The media will crown Pence as the new lifeblood, the savior of the heart and soul of the GOP.  BUT, is Pence a racist homophobe bigot?  Not any more.  A worthy opponent. Could HE possibly beat Biden? Let the speculation begin.  Fox News and Ben Shapiro will instantly jump on the bandwagon. As the OFFICIAL voice of the Right, they point out that ANYONE can beat Joe Biden, so Pence will do just fine.

Angry Insurrectionists

Of course, voters with a pulse, feel differently. They are ripped beyond expression, disgusted, and close themselves off to the whole process. They would rather vomit than vote.  Sensing this, the Deep State must act fast.  They push the button on pre-cooked violent protests, already pre-staged across the country, staffed by FBI agents, all wearing MAGA hats and covid masks, throwing Molotov-cocktails. The Media will disapprove.  Bystanders will be jailed. Democrats will be released.

Against this backdrop, just four weeks later, in August, at Chicago, the DNC will in a similar manner, put away Joe Biden, and wheel out Michelle Obama.

You are in a slow-motion train wreck.  But you think it’s an accident?   

This is the election psyop. Every part planned long in advance. The Deep State message is being whiplashed into your brain.  “Your passion is misguided, to save something that no longer exists. Government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people, has LONG BEEN extinguished from the earth.  If you disagree, you’re an insurrectionist.”

This is how the Election Dominoes staged, waiting to intersect with the False Flag. Thats what’s coming next.

Eagle Heads, Identity

But first, we must return to Ezras Eagle, to understand who in the heck are these Three Eagle Heads, and what are they gonna do. Symbolically, the sleeping eagle heads represent FORMER Statesmen. After leaving office, they no longer appear to have a voice in government.

But when things heat up in this vision, the sleeping Eagle Heads wake up, take action, and cease to be dormant.  According to Scripture, the eagle heads are NOT equal. The First Eagle Head, in the center, is more powerful than the other two.  They are described as the ACTIVE Heads of Three Polarized Kingdoms within the nation. These kingdoms have been recently revitalized, or invigorated, which means that people have been separating and polarizing into these Three Political Factions.

In territorial terms, you might say Red States, Blue States, and Washington DC, which is not a state at all.  Another way to understand this is:

1. Establishment    2.Patriot/Conservative   3. Leftist/Feminists   in that order.

So, lets take a stab at this.  Who are these persons… powerful, former office holders, figure heads to each of these three factions.  Political Icons, able to influence large segments of society.  Hmmmm.

I will pose that the Three Eagle Heads are Obama, Trump and Hillary.  

And since these guys play a central role in the prophecies going forward, When I am talking about the deeds of each of the Eagle Heads, I will instead use their name.  The Eagle Heads also pop up in the Book of Daniel chapter 11 verse 11 forward, which describes the upcoming war very clearly.  I will point out where Obama, Trump and Hillary fit in these prophecies, as we go along.

“But” you say, “they hate each other’s guts. Why would they collaborate?”   Well this is how it works. Each of them has made a deal with the NW0 or the Globalists or the AntiChrist.  They have Not made a deal with each other. They each have separate roles to play, according to what they feel is their own agenda. The AntiChrist is behind the scenes, in control. He needs to deceive you, and the entire nation, Left, Right and the Deep State, to drag the nation to its near destruction.  Imagining that these three figures are unified is part of the deception, that you should go along, wherever it leads, so the dominoes can start falling.

The Big Event

Then in late 2024, five prophetic events unfold in rapid succession. These events are described in Ezras Eagle.  (2 Esdras 11 v25-32)

Cast your mind into the mood of the nation at this time. Its August 2024. War with Iran is looming. Unemployment and Inflation are worse every day. Election year violence has been worse than ever, but no one knows what they are fighting about.  Trump is out. The election is toast.  Patriots are stunned, withdrawn.

But despite what you think or feel, when early September comes, there is one thing we can agree on. Its that we should forget ourselves, and stop for a minute to acknowledge Sept 11, to put aside our differences, and pay RESPECT to the victims of the attack, and the families, and the survivors, and the first responders, and the soldiers fallen in battle. 

Ordinary People, gather, at Ground Zero, Workers gather.  The UN is in session, but breaks to allow 10 thousand global delegates to gather.  Certain Politicians gather. The names are read, as the eyes of the nation are fixed.  The city goes quiet… Then…. The nuke hits.  In a blinding moment, all of lower Manhattan is turned, to dust.  Onsite live video feeds go dark.  Commentators in studios nervously interject, apologizing for technical difficulties, until minutes later they cut to a remote video feed, showing the mushroom cloud. 

Dear God, what have we done.  The silence echoes in your ears. Time stops.

The frantic chatter of what’s going on, bounces off your brain.  Until, an hour later you hear, Washington DC has also been hit.  A few more hours pass.  More massive explosions are reported, still trying to make sense of it. They are at remote locations across the US, in open fields, near small towns, even at some military bases. 

What you have just witnessed is the Big Sword of the 2nd Horseman….

Obama’s Coup, Election Cancelled

Biden will die at this time. Either at ground zero in NY, or if he refuses to go down with the ship, the Deep State will put on their Jihadi outfits to assassinate Biden. They will get the kill shot on video, mimicking the assassination of the Supreme Leader. This will be posted on FaceBook under one of the Deep State Jihadi accounts.  This will be pushed in your face as irrefutable evidence it was Iran.  It will spread throughout the Muslim world to prove that Allah is with the 12th Imam, to crush the Infidels and the Great Satan.

The nation will be left in a state of shock, Glued to the news, as Jihadi victory celebrations across the globe get prime coverage. In contrast details will remain SPARSE about the destruction across America. Why are we left in the dark?  Were all of the targets military?  Has the media been instructed to be silent about locations, deaths, and the extent of damage?  What about Washington DC. It seems no one wants to say. Government is paralyzed, and no one can speak with authority.

Then its announced that China has invaded Taiwan. Taiwan has yielded without resistance. And Russia has taken Kiev, also with zero resistance. 

Has WW3 finally started?

At this moment Continuity of Government takes full effect.  According to Ezras Eagle, Obama arises, takes control, and unites with Trump and Hillary.  Obama then devours the two candidates, as written in the prophecy. The Eagle Heads do not do this. This will be done by Obama alone.  Please Interpret this as you will.  To me, it looks like the candidates will NOT be getting in the way.  The election will be terminated.  I feel that the word DEVOUR in this case means that the Candidates are under Obama’s control.  BOTH will publicly and simultaneously concede the election.  They will agree it cannot continue. Then they will glowingly endorse Obama as the New Dictator.  At the party conventions just a month or two before, I believe both candidates will have been hand-picked and installed for this purpose.

Eagle Heads Announcement

Obama, addresses the nation, flanked by Trump and Hillary, asserts leadership, declares unity, calms the nation, and points to the path forward. He delivers the following address.

“We won’t pretend that we always get along, but our nation is facing a bigger battle now. Its time to put aside our politics. We are facing an outside threat to our existence.  We need the strength of this nation.  We need the shrewd cunning of the DC Elite, the Patriots of the Right, and we need the Wisdom of the Left.”  Recorded applause is played in an empty studio, obviously out of place.

Obama pauses, fading back from the mic a bit as if finished… then shifts forward to contritely interject “Free the Jan6ers. With redress. We need them now…”

If you fall for this, you’ve been stockholmed. This is not a peace offering. He was not elected president. He has no authority to pardon. He gives you candy so you make him Dictator, which you will soon regret. And that which you think is flattery, is the devil declaring how he will lead you to destruction.

1 The Left’s Utopian Wisdom will enslave them in their own 15 minute detention camps.
2 The Patriotic Delusion of the Right will seduce them into the meatgrinder.
3 The Duplicitous Deep State will soon be publicly blamed, drawn and quartered. 

One nation under God. That’s over. America is gone. You’re working for the NW0.